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Gu Ping:The Promising China’s Textile Machinery Industry
文章來源: 2019-06-03

Interview with Gu Ping, President of China Textile Machinery Association
By Yuan Chunmei
 Gu Ping

In recent years, the development of China’s economy has entered the stage of “new normal”, gradually shifting from high speed to high qulity one. Improving quality and efficiency has become the main theme of development. Due to the impacts of macro-economy and the needs of industries’ development, at the time when China’s textile has entered the stage of transformation, it has upgraded from product structure adjustment to industry structure adjustment, so that the industry can reshape its competitive advantage. As an important support for the development of China’s textile industry, the textile machinery industry has faced many difficulties and challenges in the process of promoting the transformation, but it has achieved high-quality growth for the industry.

Rooted in the growth of China’s textile industry
As a textile power, China has not only the largest textile production scale, but also the most complete industrial chain and categories in the world. At presents, textile industry is deepening its transformation and upgrading whose products are shifting from low-end to high-end. At the same time, it is fueled by the factors including raw material, labor, and environmental protection, etc., which has forced the industry to accelerate upgrading. In 2018, the main business income of China’s textile industry reached 5,070.35 billion Yuan, maintaining a stable and sound growth trend.
China’s textile machinery industry has shown a sound development trend based on China’s textile industry.
In this context, China’s textile machinery industry focuses on technological innovation in automation, continuity, intellectualization, energy conservation, environmental protection and differentiation around the transformation needs of the textile industry, and achieves good results. In the past five years, the average growth rate of the main business income of China’s textile machinery industry is about 5%, with an average growth rate of -0.43% for imports and 8.32% for exports. In 2018, the total assets of China’s textile machinery industry exceeded 100 billion Yuan and imports and exports totaled more than US $7.3 billion.
Undoubtedly, the good performance of China’s textile machinery industry benefits from the diversified demands brought by the development of China’s textile industry. The innovation ability of China’s textile machinery industry has been greatly enhanced in several new propositions, from differentiation and individualization to high speed and efficiency.

Innovating cater to industrial upgrading
Whether in order to meet the market demand or to promote their competitiveness, Chinese textile machinery enterprises now regard scientific and technological innovation as the top priority of their development. Over the past five years, China’s textile machinery industry has maintained a rapid growth in the number of invention patents, during which 111 scientific and technological achievements have been identified by the Textile Machinery Association, of which international leading projects account for more than 17%.
In addition, in the selections of national and industry science and technology awards, textile machinery projects have maintained a higher proportion. Two textile machinery projects including Companion yarn dyeing project won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

In the thirteenth five-year plan for the development of China’s textile industry, the intelligent production line expected to be formed and promoted by the industry covers the fields of spinning, chemical fiber filament, knitting, printing and dyeing, nonwovens, clothing and weaving, etc. Now, good results have been achieved in many fields. For example, many intelligent spinning production lines have been put into operation, and the number of Labors per 10,000 Spindles has been reduced to more than a dozen people. While reducing employment, the production efficiency and product quality of the enterprise have been greatly improved. In addition, many technologies also focus on differential production and multi-component product processing, and customized products and technologies are increasing. It is these excellent equipment technological innovations that create powerful conditions for the transformation and upgrading of China’s textile industry and the creation of new advantages in international competition.

Actively integrating into the globalization
From the domestic production of world-class textile machinery enterprises in China, to the overseas investment and construction of factories by Chinese textile enterprises, and the overseas merger and acquisition of textile machinery enterprises, Chinese enterprises have integrated into the development of globalization through various ways.
In China’s textile industry, more and more excellent overseas enterprises have become so intimate partners with Chinese textile machinery enterprises that promote the technical upgrading of textile machinery equipment.Over the years, the total volume of import and export of China’s textile machinery industry has been increasing. In 2018, the total import and export of textile machinery exceeded US $7.387 billion, an increase of more than 6.78% over last year, reaching a record high. As an important textile market in the world, Asia has shown a sound development trend in recent years, and it has become the main source to provide textile machinery for other countries. In 2018, China’s textile machinery exports marked a new record of US $3.66 billion, which was a record high. Outstanding performances have particularly appeared in countries and districts along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative, accounting for more than 72% of the total export.

Today’s Chinese textile machinery enterprises have been looking at the development environment with a more international perspective, and would like to integrate into the world’s textile industry family with a more open and inclusive attitude.

Promoting the healthier industry growth
As an organization serving China’s textile machinery industry, China Textile Machinery Association has been striving for the healthy and sustainable development for decades, from information gathering to technological innovation and to market expansion.
To promote the technological innovation of China’s textile machinery enterprises, the association actively promotes the connection with the downstream industries and seeks for the direction of textile machinery innovation from the perspective of users. Every year, many textile machinery exchanges are held covering macro environment, industry operation and the trend of overseas market demand, introducing data to guide the development of China’s textile machinery enterprises.
Aiming at the market development of China’s textile machinery enterprises, on the one hand, China Textile Machinery Association carries out the industrialization promotion of excellent equipment technology in China; on the other hand, it actively expands the overseas market. The association has built a channel for China’s textile machinery enterprises to talk with international textile enterprises through ITMA ASIA+CITME exhibition. More than 20% of the overseas visitors of the exhibition make that China’s textile machinery enterprises achieve the purpose of “going out” without going abroad. In addition, the establishment of several overseas exhibition platforms opens up a way for China’s textile machinery enterprises to connect with foreign users. This year, more than 270 China’s enterprises will participate in ITMA2019, which shows more confidence and attitude than the ITMA2015 dialogue between China’s textile machinery enterprises and the world.
With the deep integration of textile machinery industry and new technologies such as big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5G, etc., China’s textile machinery industry will boost the development of the global textile industry through more high-end, efficient, stable and reliable product technologies as well as more accurate and comprehensive services. China’s textile machinery industry looks forward to holding in-depth dialogue with its global counterparts to jointly build a better future for the global textile industry.
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